About Us

Everyone at Special Touch Bakery is on a mission to fill the world with distinctively heartwarming and downright delicious pies!

In 1982, students in Holy Childhood's School Program began participating in a skill-building, pie-baking activity.  As word spread of their amazing abilities (and delicious pies!) it didn't take long... soon staff, families and friends wanted pie faster than the students could bake them. The bakery has now moved out of the tiny 700 sq. ft. school kitchen and into the amazing 20,000 sq. ft.
state-of-the-art facility Special Touch Bakery now calls home.  Currently employing 20 people, with and without disabilities, bakers are working side by side producing these famous pies our customers have come to know and love.

By year five of operation, as many as 40 new positions will be created for bakery workers, contributing to the Rochester workforce.  Collaboration and cross training is underway with our next door neighbor, Foodlink.

Shirley's Cafe, (opening soon!) is located inside the Special Touch Bakery and will offer customers a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy coffee, espresso and other specialties, along with a slice of pie or other fresh baked treats of the day.  Whole pies can be purchased in the cafe to take home or back to the office.  The cafe offers job training opportunities for Holy Childhood's Work-Based Learning group, giving students the opportunity to fine tune their customer service and math skills, while providing them with new experiences out in the community.  Young adults participating in our Supported Employment Services can explore opportunities that may interest them at the bakery or participate in cross-training programs with our neighbor, Foodlink.

While we may have grown, our humble origins remain in our hearts.  Our bakers have a passion for making every pie just right.  They have an enormous sense of pride, accomplishment and independence that helps them in all aspects of their lives.

We're extremely proud that through the work we do, we can make the world a little better by creating this amazing bakery where people can put their best selves, and these amazing pies, forward each and every day.