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Premium Foodservice and Wholesale Products

With a wide selection of premium pies and other baked goods, and custom manufacturing capabilities, Special Touch Bakery is sure to exceed the expectations of your food service and retail customers. 

At Special Touch Bakery, our mission is to produce premium-quality pies and other baked goods that create a positive experience for everyone who comes in contact with them - from the bakers that make the pie to the consumers that bring them home to share with friends and family.  We achieve this by implementing custom-craft production methods, prioritizing our customers’ needs and most importantly, employing a skilled workforce that celebrates people of all abilities. 

Proceeds from Special Touch Bakery benefit Holy Childhood, a not-for-profit, non-denominational agency that prepares children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for maximum independence and integration in the community. To learn more, visit http://www.holychildhood.org

Product Catalog Listing:

Unbaked Fruit filled Pies 

4" Two-Crust Apple Pie (Non-GMO)

4" Peach Pie (Non-GMO)

4" Blueberry Pie (Non-GMO)

4" Cherry Pie (Non-GMO)

4" Rumbleberry Pie (Non-GMO)

4" Strawberry Rhubarb (Non-GMO)

8" Traditional 

8" Traditional Apple Crumb Pie 

8" Traditional Two-Crust Apple Pie 

8" Traditional Peach Pie

8" Traditional Blueberry Pie 

8" Traditional Cherry Pie 

8" Traditional Rumbleberry Pie 

8" Traditional Pumpkin Pie 

9" Natural Juice 

9" Natural Juice Apple Crumb Pie 

9" Natural Juice Two-Crust Apple Pie 

9" Natural Juice Peach Pie 

9" Natural Juice Blueberry Pie

9" Natural Juice Cherry Pie 

9" Natural Juice Rumbleberry Pie 

9" Natural Juice Strawberry Rhubarb Pie 

9" Natural Juice Peach Raspberry Pie

10" Natural Juice 

10" Natural Juice Apple Crumb Pie 

10" Natural Juice Two-Crust Apple Pie

10" Natural Juice Peach Pie

10" Natural Juice Blueberry Pie 

10" Natural Juice Cherry Pie 

10" Natural Juice Strawberry Rhubarb Pie 

10" Natural Juice Rumbleberry Pie 

10" Natural Juice Peach Raspberry Pie 

10" Natural Juice Peach Raspberry Crumb Pie

10" Traditional 

10" Traditional Two-Crust Apple Pie 

10" Traditional Peach Pie

10" Traditional Blueberry Pie 

10" Traditional Cherry Pie 

10" Traditional Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

10" Traditional Rumbleberry Pie 

10" Pumpkin Pie

10" Sweet Potato Pie

10" Gourmet 

10" Gourmet Two-Crust Apple Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Peach Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Blueberry Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Cherry Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Rumbleberry Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Peach Blackberry Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Peach Raspberry Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Bumbleberry Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Apple Crumb Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Blackberry Pie (Non-GMO)

10" Gourmet Cranapple Walnut Pie

Unbaked No Sugar Fruit-filled Pies 

4" No Sugar Added Two-Crust Apple Pie

4" No Sugar Added Peach Pie

4" No Sugar Added Blueberry Pie

4" No Sugar Added Cherry Pie

4" No Sugar Added Rumbleberry Pie

10" No Sugar Added Two-Crust Apple Pie

10" No Sugar Added Cherry Pie

Thaw & Serve - Pies & Desserts 

Dessert Pies

10" Cannoli Pie

10" Salted Caramel Pecan Pie

10" Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

10" Chocolate Chip Pie

10" Coconut Cloud Pie

10" Fudge Brownie Pie

Traditional & Cream Pies

8" Chocolate Cream Pie

8" Banana Cream Pie

8" Coconut Cream Pie

8" Lemon Meringue Pie

8" Traditional Pecan Pie 

10" Chocolate Cream Pie

10" Banana Cream Pie

10" Coconut Cream Pie

10" Key Lime Pie

10" Lemon Meringue Pie

10" Pecan Pie

10" Pumpkin Pie