Shirley's Cafe

Shirley's Cafe

Shirley's Cafe' is Opening Soon!

Spreading joy from the inside out-that's what we do everyday at Special Touch Bakery and Shirley's Cafe'!
Who is Shirley?
Shirley Lynch, now enjoying retirement, was the bakery manager and mentor at Special Touch Bakery for 35 years.  It was Shirley's idea to develop a skill-building program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities who attended Holy Childhood's School Program.  All of the bakers learned all aspects of baking process, trained on the equipment and experienced how to work together as a team, all the while celebrating their different abilities.  Now, Special Touch Bakery employs 20 bakers, with and without disabilities, working side by side.   We call that a recipe for success!

Soon, you'll be able to stop by the cafe' for a delicious coffee, latte, or espresso.

Got a craving for a slice of delicious pie?  We've got you covered!

Of course, you can also pick up your favorite Special Touch Bakery pie to take home or back to the office.  

We have many sizes and flavors available!


Stay in touch for the grand opening date!