Our Pies

Cherry PieThe beautiful new Special Touch Bakery at 1999 Mt. Read Boulevard is open!  Our delicious pies are available by calling 359-BAKE (2253) to place your order for pickup at either Special Touch Bakery located at 1999 Mt. Read Blvd., Rochester, NY  14615 or Holy Childhood located at 100 Groton Parkway, Rochester, NY  14623.

Apple Crumb 
We dare you not to fall in love

Every day is a good day for Apple Crumb pie. Especially when it is plumb full of sliced apples mixed with cinnamon goodness, baked in a tender, flaky crust, and topped with our delectable brown-sugary crumble. What’s not to love?  Complete details here.

Banana Cream
A diner classic, Special Touch Bakery style

Creamy and dreamy, our Banana Cream pie is bursting with banana flavor. It's the perfect ending to a great meal or super delicious all on it's own. Complete details here.

Tastes great, simple as that

Mmmm, we love blackberries. As do 9 out of 10 dessert-lovers (according to our informal poll). Which means, for the love of berries, you must taste this pie. Complete details here.

Super deliciousness

Blueberries may have only recently been declared a superfood, but we’ve been in awe of their “super-ness” since we bit into our very first blueberry pie decades ago. We think everyone will fall under the spell of our Blueberry pie too. Complete details here.

A bumbleberry like no other

Blueberries, raspberries and rhubarb, oh my! If ever a beautiful pie there was, this is the one because, because … because of the sweet of the berries, the tart of the rhubarb, and the uniquely delicious crust. Not to mention the love that’s baked into it. Complete details here.

If you love the creamy, delightful sweetness of a cannoli, this pie is your must-have

Full of everything you love about a cannoli, this premium pie will have your taste buds jumping for joy! Complete details here.

Cherries, cherries everywhere

While some bakers may rely on canned cherries, you’ll find no canned cherries in our Cherry pie. Bulging with fresh, plump, juicy, naturally sweet-tart cherries, and topped with our signature tender and flaky crust, it’s pure cherry perfection. Complete details here.

Chocolate Chip
We took the beloved chocolate chip cookie and made it into a big, beautiful pie

Our talented bakers fill this scrumptious pie with chopped walnuts and lots of chocolate chips.  Make no mistake, this is a special pie! Complete details here.

Chocolate Cream
Delightfully Delicious

If you have a craving for creamy chocolatey goodness, this pie is a must-have. It features our famous Special Touch Bakery crust, chocolate cream, whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top!  You simply can't resist this pie. Complete details here.

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate and peanut butter, the perfect combination

Chocolate and Peanut Butter, what more is there to say? This premium pie is velvety, creamy and light, the perfect balance of all the things you love about Peanut Butter pie. Topped with chocolate shavings and drizzled with a peanut butter cream, this pie is comfort on a plate! Complete details here.

Coconut Cream
A tropical delight

Cool and creamy, this pie will have you crazy for coconut. Topped with toasted coconut, if we entered this pie in the county fair, it would be a blue ribbon winner for sure! Complete details here.

Fudge Brownie
We took a decadent, dense, fudge brownie and created this stand-out pie

Packed with chopped walnuts, we suggest you serve warm and repeat… many times over. Complete details here.

Key Lime
A classic taste of the South

Deliciously tart and not too sweet, our Key Lime pie tastes like summer. If you love Key Lime pie, this is destined to become one of your favorites. Complete details here.

Lemon Meringue
When life gives us lemons, we make pie

Meet our classic take on one of America’s favorite pies. With its lemony tart and sweet custard filling and its mile-high cloud of light and fluffy whipped meringue, it’s not just a quintessential pie. It’s pure happiness on a pie plate. Complete details here.

Pretty as a peach, and tasty, too

This is one peach of a pie. Seriously. The natural sweetness of the fresh, juicy peaches (plus a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg because peaches love cinnamon and nutmeg) will have your taste buds singing. Complete details here.

Peach Blackberry
A delicious, unique Special Touch Bakery creation

After the first bite, your taste buds will thank you! Complete details here.

Peach Raspberry
This creative pie tastes like summertime

The sweet peaches blend oh so perfectly with the tart red raspberries, creating a bright, sunny taste you won’t soon forget! Complete details here.

We’re nuts about nuts

Whether you say pee-KAHN or pee-CAN, there’s no disputing this: Our classic Pecan pie is a cut above the rest. The combo of toasty pecans, our melt-in-your-mouth sweet filling, and our tender crust will make any pie-lover swoon with delight. Complete details here.

Perfectly balanced, perfectly spiced

It’s easy to fall in love with this pie. We played with the balance of pumpkin and allspice to arrive at the perfectly rich and creamy texture and spiced-just-right taste that has pumpkin pie-lovers everywhere saying, “Seconds, please.” Complete details here.

A triple berry threat

If you’re a berry lover, you’ll love our Rumbleberry pie. It’s filled with raspberry, blackberry and blueberry goodness, making it a berry-lover’s (any pie lover’s, for that matter) dream. Complete details here.

Salted Carmel Pecan Pie
If you love salted caramel treats – this pie will soar to the top of your list

Just think about this; ricotta cheese, caramel, salted chopped pecans, vanilla custard.  Do we make a premium pie worth dreaming about?  Yes, we do! Complete details here.

Strawberry Rhubarb
A classic pairing

Rhubarb loves strawberries, strawberries love rhubarb, and everyone loves our rave-worthy strawberry rhubarb pie. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and tart, topped with our signature crust. Complete details here.

Sweet Potato
Take a trip to the South and experience down-home comfort with this classic Southern pie

Sweet potato pie enthusiasts tell us this is the best they’ve ever had and we agree! Complete details here.

Two Crust Apple
Calling all apple lovers

Loaded with fresh tart-sweet apples, and covered with a tender, flaky crust.  Our regulars tell us it’s the best pie they’ve ever had, and who are we to argue? Complete details here.

Other pies available, but not shown here, include Coconut Cloud and Cranapple Walnut.  We also offer No Sugar Added fruit pies.  Our fruit pies are available in a convenient 4" size, perfect for two!  Vegan pies are available upon request.  Please call the bakery at 585-359-BAKE (2253) if you have any questions.