"A Baker is a Baker"

At Special Touch Bakery, we employ an integrated workforce-that is, people with and without disabilities, working side by side, earning at least minimum wage, to create the amazingly delicious Special Touch Bakery pies you've come to know and love.  If you are new to Special Touch Bakery... Welcome!  We're so happy you found us!

With employment as a priority, there is also a concerted effort to recruit, as part of our organization’s integration goals, workers who may not have intellectual and developmental disabilities, but who may be at risk for poverty. Many of them may be referred directly to employment opportunities at the bakery from Foodlink’s “Community Kitchen Institute.”  Foodlink is our workforce development partner and next door neighbor. 

For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, by virtue of their disabilities, there is a barrier to initial employment. The obstacles can be many, but not insurmountable with wide-range training and supports that we can provide.  

Special Touch Bakery strives to remove barriers to achieve employment for all, creating broad-based opportunities for success, and emergence from poverty while celebrating everyone's abilities.

Simply put, at Special Touch Bakery, a baker is a baker.